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Publishing and Printing

SAB's Bookbinding Enterprise

Address: Herbert's Estate , PO Box 3509

Mobile Number:

Telephone: 1 (268) 783-5800 / 1 (268) 560-2164

Website: http://


Bookbinding,Paper preservation,Printing

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Stationery Inspired with Purpose!

Address: P O Box W486, St. John's Antigua

Mobile Number:

Telephone: 268-732-9519 /



Envisioned to provide customers with "Innovative Quality Handcrafted" Stationery, the business continues in this tradition, producing Greeting and Notecards, wedding invitations and accompanying stationery, Other Special Event Invitations and accessories along with commercial printing and design services.

Wedding Invitations and accessories, Funeral Hymnals, Birth Announcements, Event Invitations, Tickets, Certificates, Business Cards, Labels, Magazines, Flyers and Bookmarks are just some of the stationery that are produced. Call us today!

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