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Pet Care & Pet Health

Pioneer Kennel and Veterinary Clinic

Address: P.O. BOX 1520 Barthlodge Bendals Main Road, St. John's Antigua

Mobile Number:

Telephone: 1 (268) 463-6794 /

Website: http://


The mission of Pioneer Kennel & Vet Clinic is to provide a quality pet and animal care service at an economical price. This modern service is provided in such a way that it is attainable and affordable to a wide cross section of the national community. (Quality is not measured solely by the presence of cutting edge technology) (?) but also by the manner in which the modern service is delivered. The purpose of this service is to encourage care, welfare and respect for animals, while at the same time enhancing the joys and benefits of animal ownership. The six services offered at Pioneer Kennel are semi independent and form the backbone of the integrated animal care service offered at the facility. Veterinary Services Boarding Hospitalization Grooming Pet Supplies Dog Training and K9 Rehabilitation Pioneer Kennels wishes to be seen as a provider of quality veterinary care, whose work with pets, other animals and their owners reflects its desire to help. This desire to help does not ignore nor replace the economic needs of the enterprise.

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