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DeJam Festival

Address: DeJam Festival, Po box 990, st johns

Mobile Number: 2687737994

Telephone: 2687737994 /



The Dejam Festival is the ultimate party experience, which aims to celebrate the contributions from top international DJs in the beautiful island of Antigua. Since the positive recognition from the Antiguan Ministry of Tourism, and the partnering of Foresight International Ventures (Antigua) and Bright Choice Ltd (UK), we have established ourselves as the pioneers of the industry. Our carefully selected DJs help provide our unparalleled entertainment package, offering energised vibes, themed events and guaranteed good times. Each year we acknowledge their musical talent by presenting the prestigious DeJam Festival DJ Awards at our grand Gala Dinner.

Where weve come from

Now in our 8th year, the DeJam Festival has grown and succeeded in becoming the number one party choice for holiday revellers. An exclusive DJ line up consisting of those serving in the industry for well over a decade provide the perfect party vibes to keep ravers getting down til dawn. Our featured highlights over the years have included the all famous Catamaran Cruise and Beach party, the unforgettable Masquerade Ball, the All White party at the Blue Lagoon and the Doctors and Nurses Emergency affair. Each year we aim to exceed ourselves and 2011 is set to ensure our fun in the sun will be like no other. We have worked extremely hard to make our mark in Antigua. Local natives and business communities impatiently await our return each year; a true testament of our growing success and popularity on the Island.

Where were going

The DeJam Festival has no room for complacency. We continuously seek and build upon new and fresh ideas to keep ahead of the game. Our dedicated commitment to supplying this lifetime experience has now set a foundation for setting our sights worldwide. As the interest and number of loyal followers steadily grows, we aim to match the demand and provide a bigger and better experience year on year. Exploring further sights of Antigua and embracing the many and varied attraction spots, we endeavour to ensure DeJammers experience all that Antigua has on offer and look forward to stretching the concept to other Caribbean islands in future years

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